This blog tells the stories behind KASU EMPORIUM, an online department store featuring an eclectic mix of objects. Each object holds its own story and a part of every sale contributes to changing someone else’s story: at least 10% from each sale goes to someone in need.

As you click through the pages, you will find stories and photos of the makers and their work, how and where we travelled to find our stock, the makers’ statements, the organisations we support and reports of donations delivered. We travel to mountains, villages, city slums and crowded bazaars by trains, rickshaws, rickety buses and planes to find the stock we want, so there are lots of stories to tell.

This is also the place to find updates on new stock as it arrives. Check the posts in the right hand column to browse through new and recent arrivals or catch up on archived newsletters.

You can get involved as well…. if something moves you to words, make a comment or share it on social media via the buttons below. We love feedback! And we love people sharing too – it is the best advertising we could hope for.

To make sure you never miss any of our news, add your email address in the  Follow Blog via Email box hit the FOLLOW button to the right and our updates will magically find their way to your inbox.

We hope you enjoy the stories behind KASU EMPORIUM and feel motivated to GO SHOPPING! Most of our items are one-of-a-kind and may not be repeated. So, indulge yourself or buy a great gift for someone special.

Every purchase contributes to improved living conditions for people living in dire circumstances as well as supporting and encouraging fair trade practices.

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