The Centre for Culture and Development (CCD), Chennai, India is a participatory institution building poverty-free, gender-balanced, equitable, ecologically-sensitive, democratic, just and value-based inclusive society. It involves the communities directly with freedom of expression and choices in order to determine their development and validation, and in personal fulfillment.

In November 2012 we delivered our first donation from sales of goods at KASU EMPORIUM to The Centre for Culture and Development (CCD) in Tamil Nadu, India.

I delivered the donation personally to the Director of CCD, Mr Samy Arul, who went out immediately to buy a Merritt sewing machine, made by Singer. The machine is a sturdy treadle style as there is no electricity in the village. We drove to the village of Perumbedu, near the east coast of Tamil Nadu, later in the day to deliver the gift. It was a rather perilous journey over rough village roads but we, and the Merritt arrived safely. The ladies were very excited to get a new sewing machine which will enable them to learn sewing skills so that they can earn a living. It was wonderful to be there to deliver our first donation on behalf of all our KASU customers.

To all customers of KASU EMPORIUM, a big THANK YOU! You are making a difference to people’s lives!

A note from Mr S.A.Samy, Director of CCD:

Dear Customers of KASU EMPORIUM,
we are happy and grateful for your kind support through Madam Beverley from Australia who visited our rural project in south India and handed over a sewing machine to the poor ladies. This machine is a big gift for them to learn the skill of sewing and gives them an opportunity to make a livelihood by getting employed in nearby garment factories. We thank you all on behalf our beneficiaries and hope to continue our relationship with you all through the social cause of KASU EMPORIUM. Sincerely yours, S.A.Samy, Director – Projects, Centre for Culture and Development (CCD), India

Click here for more information about CCD and its projects.

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