Winter classics

New stock has arrived at KASU EMPORIUM!

Winter Classics: Pashmina & wool scarves from Kashmir

S_125_detail.jpgClassics never go out of style: that’s why they are called classics.
Consider beige. It’s always been there, but not always in a good way. It’s what you do with it that determines its fashion-worthiness. Our new range of so-soft-you-want-to-rub-them-on-your-face pashmina and wool scarves feature classic combinations of beige (definitely in a good way), rich cream, charcoal, soft grey, cinnamon and bitter chocolate. Woven in Kashmir, northern India, where the source of that fabulously soft pashmina fibre still roam the craggy mountains with their parents, cashmere goats, these comforting wraps look as good with a city chic outfit as they do with tweedy country clobber. Most of our collection is one-of-a-kind, so before the winter really sets in, rush your choice (or choices) to the checkout before someone faster gets it/them first.




Enjoy luxurious warmth this winter from KASU EMPORIUM knowing that all purchases generate a donation to someone in need.


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