Reincarnated textiles

We are happy to announce that our gorgeous bags made from recycled tribal textiles have finally arrived!

If you remember the 70s with a fondness for cheesecloth and embroidery, are an aging hippy, a nouveau hippy or just appreciate authentic tribal textiles: this is the real deal!

Bg_21_ detail

The ladies of western Gujarat, India, have a long tradition of embellishing their clothes with fine stitchery and mirror work. After the costume is no longer usable, the textiles are still highly valued as they have taken years to create, so they are recycled into new creations like these great little bags we have in store.

bG-22- detail

The richness of these bags in the incredible detail, so we are only showing close-ups of the embroidery here.  Click on any image to go to the KASU EMPORIUM page to see the entire item.

Like the lines on an old face, any ‘flaws’ or mends in the fabric are a testament to and a celebration of its age and value.

Bg-24-detailBg-26- detail2


We only have a small supply of these reincarnated bags, so if you can’t resist the celebration of decoration and the marks of the hands that made them, hurry to the checkout before they are all gone.

Indulge your latent hippy knowing that all purchases generate a donation to someone in need.

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