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ReG_NL 0034_detail

Posie necklace

Spring has sprung in the southern hemisphere. Days are lengthening, weather is warming and gardens are greening.
ReG_NL 0014 KASU EMPORIUM celebrates the change of season with some decidedly girly offerings in our jewellery department, and some featherweight scarves in the shawls department.ReG_NL 0033_detail (2)
This is also the wedding season and we think our posie jewellery would look beautiful on a Spring bride.

necklace-detail_thumb.jpgIf you are in the mood to add a touch of spring to your wardrobe, take a tour of our delicious jewellery and shawls.










The jewellery is composed of genuine vintage components and are all one-off-a-kind.  The shawls are ethically sourced from hand-loom weavers who receive a fair wage.

Flowers not your thing? Maybe our retro 60’s style pendants are more your style. Made from semi-precious stones in geometric shapes, these super swinging pendants turn back the years to a time when it was de-rigeur to dangle a pendant or two.pendants_1

Celebrate spring at KASU knowing that all purchases generate a donation to someone in need.