Tribal treasures

Tribal treasures

bG-22- detail

Recycled vintage village textile

India is home to a large number of tribal groups with a total population of about 70 million. Each tribal community is rich in its own culture, costume, folk stories and artistic expression.

The crafts of India have been valued throughout time and much effort has been made by governments and patrons to preserve this wealth of material culture. Despite these efforts, rising costs of materials and supplies have placed many of these craft communities in financial struggle and decline.

At KASU EMPORIUM, we continue to source tribal and traditional crafts where the artisans are paid fairly. The modest collection in store now includes beautiful tribal work from different states of India: Dhokra bronze artefacts and jewelery from Chhatisgargh and Orissa, embroidered shawls from West Bengal, Kantha stitched vintage textiles from villages in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, repurposed embroidered costumes made into bags from Western Gujarat, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh and Madhubani paintings from Bihar.

Antique lock in the shape of Hanuman

Dhokra bronze antique lock in the shape of Hanuman









Detail of a Madhubani painting

Detail of a Madhubani painting








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