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Home again!

I’m home!
After six months in India, I have arrived home with lots of stories and lots of stock for KASU EMPORIUM.

parcel1Parcels filled with goodies are starting to arrive from India, and unpacking them fills me with memories of the places I have been and the people I’ve met in the search for this lovely stock.  I will be telling some of those stories soon, so stay tuned.


Note the calico wrapping sealed with red wax – official India Post wrapping.

Pumpkin is staying close by after a long separation!

All tied up with string

More goodies unpacked!

Hand carved wooden kitchen tools

I have been using some tools like this for years and they are some of my favourite things in the kitchen. So, on a recent trip to India as I kept an eye out for them to add to KASU stock. 

I found this stock at a Mussoorie street market and bought as many as I could fit into my small backpack, hoping that Australian quarantine services would not seize them. Happily, they didn’t and so we now have limited stock at KASU EMPORIUM.
They came tied up with string like the brown paper packages from the song “Some of my favourite things”.tied with string Continue reading

Winter classics

New stock has arrived at KASU EMPORIUM!

Winter Classics: Pashmina & wool scarves from Kashmir

S_125_detail.jpgClassics never go out of style: that’s why they are called classics.
Consider beige. It’s always been there, but not always in a good way.  Continue reading


KASU EMPORIUM brings together a carefully selected collection of handmade, one-off objects found on travels and by local artists and makers. Each object holds its own story.

S_104_detailMany of the products we stock come from ethical and fair trade sources: self-help cooperatives, women’s groups and charitable organisations dedicated to livelihood development for those living in poverty.

A minimum of 10% of all sales from KASU EMPORIUM goes to help charitable works in organisations that we know are doing a great job to alleviate poverty, improve education and health, free children from child labour and improve livelihoods in some of the poorest areas in the world.

When you buy something from KASU EMPORIUM, know necklace detailthat you are contributing to improved conditions for people living in dire circumstances as well as supporting and encouraging fair trade practices.

Read more about the organisations KASU supports here.