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The life of a button. And a buckle.


Our RetroGlam necklaces, made by moi, Beverley Bloxham, are made from no ordinary buttons and buckles. These babies have kept themselves nice down through the ages (well, from the mid 20th century), dodging the needle and thread, sidestepping cardies and coats, frocks and all manner of frippery to arrive clean and virginal in my button box. Maintaining their roots, they sport their vintage credentials in the pastel palette and strong geometric designs.

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A rainy night in Chennai

rainy nightA rainy night in Chennai and we’re looking for a slum. There is a fair trade organisation I had heard about which employs women making great looking products from recycled materials. I had made contact with the manager, Mr P some months earlier and he had sent me images of the products and I was determined to find the place. Continue reading