All tied up with string

More goodies unpacked!

Hand carved wooden kitchen tools

I have been using some tools like this for years and they are some of my favourite things in the kitchen. So, on a recent trip to India as I kept an eye out for them to add to KASU stock. 

I found this stock at a Mussoorie street market and bought as many as I could fit into my small backpack, hoping that Australian quarantine services would not seize them. Happily, they didn’t and so we now have limited stock at KASU EMPORIUM.
They came tied up with string like the brown paper packages from the song “Some of my favourite things”.tied with string

all tools

These modest, yet great to use tools are made from Sheesham wood (also known as Indian Rosewood), a fast-growing hardwood, sourced from sustainable, government managed plantations.  The spatulas have two curved profiles making stirring and scraping almost an exact science, the rice paddles are equally at home flipping a salad, and the long handled perforated stirrers are just fantastic at pasta!

perforated paddlesrice paddlesspatula

Not too many fitted into my backpack, so hurry while stocks last!


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